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If you’re visiting this site, you probably have enjoyed attending one of the many performances, art openings and concerts that are regularly produced in one of our Lakeshore communities. But how many times have you heard about an event too late to make plans to go…or worse yet after it was over? Getting the word out is hard, especially for non-profits or small businesses on a shoestring budget. Our local arts groups are engaged  in a constant struggle to find enough funding to create what they do, let alone publicize it. So we created The Fishbowl.

The Fishbowl is an online source for arts groups like local civic and community theatres, music organizations museums and galleries to upload their press releases and calendar items (coming soon) and build community interest by way of social sharing, forums and peer reviews. And it’s a place where people who are interested in the arts can visit and learn about what is happening in their community, in a single stop on the web.

Want to get your articles, photos and press releases on The Fishbowl?

Please send your article in Press Release Format to Natalie Carmolli at mifishbowl@gmail.com. General rule of thumb, it should sound like a newspaper article (please do not send information written in the first person, using “we” “I” or “us”) and contain all relevant event and contact information. If press releases are not sent in this format, it takes longer to edit and publish, and we may miss your deadline!

Want to be an advertiser?

Contact Natalie Carmolli at mifishbowl@gmail.com

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