Overbrook Theater to stage 21st annual ‘Studio on Stage’

graphic studio on stageMuskegon Community College’s Overbrook Theater will present the 21st annual “Studio On Stage” production at 7:30 p.m. April 25.

“Studio On Stage” gives the college’s performing arts students in theater and dance the opportunity to bring their work from the classroom to the stage.

In preparing for this performance, students have experienced improvisation techniques, verbal and nonverbal communication, self-expression through body, voice, and collaboration techniques.

This year Melissa Brunsting’s Dance Repertory class will perform the popular dance “Antics.” Dancers are Brea Beckley, Briona Bowyer, Erika Larson, Makenzie Nordstrom, Melanie Lamrock, Taylor DePouw, Taylor Freed, Taylor Thelen and Molly Veenstra.

They will be joined by Sheila Wahamaki’s Acting II class presenting the short plays “Miss You,” “Heritage, Her-I-tage, & Hair-I-Tage,” “Wedding Duet,” “Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly,” “Surprise,” “Best Daddy” and “The Tarantino Variation.” Student actors are Tiffany Bartlett, Mark Breitenbach, Aaliyah Davis, Taylor DePouw, Dylan Drent, Taylor Freed, Harley Freeman, Cole Halterman, Zhane Harris, Isaac Hunter, Stephanie Kennert, Melanie Lamrock, Joshua Powles, Katrina Smith, Shelby Springer, Molly Veenstra, Rachel Wade, Brody Yarian and Brad Zoulek.

Rounding out the evening will be “Darryl’s Mustache” from the Improvisation for Actors course taught by Tom Harryman. The piece includes a variety of interactive games and performances. Improv students are Jaelyn Balaskovitz, Nathaniel Gilson, Hannah Koogler, Alex Kooi, James O’Banion, Charles Reister, Deandre Sutton, Darryl Vinson, Andrew Visscher and Andrew Zonca.

Admission to the show in MCC’s Overbrook Theater is free. For further information, call the box office, (231) 777-0324.


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