Muskegon Civic Theatre casts ‘Shrek’

paul dickens jacobs

MUSKEGON — Paul Dickens-Jacobs (pictured) will star in the title role of Muskegon Civic Theatre’s production of “Shrek, the Musical.”

Also in the show that will run May 2-5 at the downtown Frauenthal Theater will be Kendyl White as Fiona, Antonio Copland as Donkey, Kevin Prince as Lord Farquaad, Lorrell Pepple as Dragon, Julia Uganski as Gingy and the Sugarplum Fairy, Brennen Gorman as Pinocchio, Chris Chalupa as King Harold and the Big Bad Wolf, Sam Freye as Little Shrek and Dwarf, Zozz Chalupa as Young Fiona, Ashley Erdman as Teen Fiona, Michael Ramsey as Little Pig 1, Mark Martin as Little Pig 2, Spencer Klairter as Little Pig 3, Melanie Lamrock as Blind Mouse and Elf, Nia Merriwether as Blind Mouse and Humpty Dumpty, Stephanie Lynn as Blind Mouse, Queen Lilian and Fairy GM, Nathaniel Luben as White Rabbit, Jake Trygstad as Peter Pan, Alison Guilde as Ugly Duckling, Robin Erdman as Mama Bear, Walter Mrotz as Papa Bear and Thelonious, Jamelle Sargent as Mad Hatter and Pied Piper, Sarah Eadah as Mama Ogre and Wicked Witch, and David Riegler as Papa Ogre and Captain.

Performing in the male ensemble will be David Clausing, Noah Zimmer, Jakari Carson, Dustin Day and Charles Hardy. The female ensemble will be Bella Resterhouse, Erin Frutchey, Emily Drost, Holly Persicke, Becky Anderson, Samantha Portice, Adrianna Espinoza and Jacqui Robinson.


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