Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Closes Henry IV at Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake

The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company’s production of Henry IV will play for one night only at Seven Steps Up, 116 South Jackson in Spring Lake, on September 9 at 7:30 p.m.. This production features Equity guest artist Paul Riopelle as Prince Hal, and was directed by Dennis Henry, a guest director based in Chicago who has previously directed Pigeon Creek’s productions of Coriolanus and The Winter’s Tale. Bridgett Redman of Encore Michigan, writes “All of the ensemble is tightly directed by Dennis Henry, and he brings out the best in each of his performers. Each actor—sometimes playing multiple roles—bring an elevated energy to the production. He keeps them moving about the small thrust stage, playing to all sides of the audience and making scene transitions run smoothly and with no hesitations.”

Shakespeare wrote Henry IV in two parts, and Pigeon Creek’s production conflates the two plays in a script adaptation by Riopelle and company executive director Katherine Mayberry. The play follows Prince Hal, the future King Henry V, as he moves from his youth, spent carousing in taverns with thieves and the notoriously drunken knight Sir John Falstaff, to his rise to become king after reconciling with his disapproving father, King Henry IV. The plays feature comedy, tragedy, and action in Shakespeare’s exciting dramatization of English history.

Along with Riopelle, Pigeon Creek’s production features Scott Wright as Falstaff, Scott Lange as King Henry IV, and Chaz Bratton as Prince Hal’s rival, Henry “Hotspur” Percy. The cast also includes actors Chaz Albright, Kathleen Bode, Michael Dodge, Kimberlee Griggs, Bradley Hamilton, Kat Hermes, Eric Orive, and Sarah Stark.

Tickets for the Seven Steps Up performance are available online at http://bit.ly/2bS6Sdm, or by calling the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company at 616-850-0916. Tickets are $14 for adults, and $7 for students and seniors.

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