City of the Dead seeks actors

In its 6th year, the historical reenactment, City of the Dead, will take place on Saturday, October 8 from 6-8 and Sunday, October 9 from 2-4 at Evergreen Cemetery at Wood St and Irwin Ave just north of Laketon Ave. in Muskegon. Actors will have rehearsals and commitments outside those dates. Tombstone

Actors are sought to represent the historic characters who will perform in period dress with the help of friends of the church who have access to historic costuming.

Most of the characters stand near their grave sites and perform 5 minute (approximate) monologues to groups of spectators brought to them about every 20 to 30 minutes by guides who are, also, characters of people buried in the cemetery. The guides speak to their groups about themselves while walking between the stationary grave sites. The event has grown in public response with just short of 300 people attending last year’s event.

Each year a great deal of research is done to flesh out the events of interest or related to the shaping of Muskegon from the time of its early years in the 1800’s. Characters include Charles Hackley, J. B.McCracken and Captain Jonathan Walker; The Man With the Branded Hand to name a few.

Says Tim Hamlin, representative of City of the Dead, “One of the cool things about doing a City of the Dead character is that you get to hone your presentation in front of a continuous string of small groups.” Actors will present a 5 minute monologue in front of small groups of about a dozen people who come by every 15 minutes.

For more information check out the City of the Dead Facebook Page or send an email to organizer Tim Hamlin or call 231-282-0571.

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